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A82 by sonicxfanjas126 A82 :iconsonicxfanjas126:sonicxfanjas126 0 0 bumblebee by sonicxfanjas126 bumblebee :iconsonicxfanjas126:sonicxfanjas126 0 0 raven by sonicxfanjas126 raven :iconsonicxfanjas126:sonicxfanjas126 1 0 sonic x season 4 moment  part 2 by sonicxfanjas126 sonic x season 4 moment part 2 :iconsonicxfanjas126:sonicxfanjas126 1 0 rainbow dash and soarin by sonicxfanjas126 rainbow dash and soarin :iconsonicxfanjas126:sonicxfanjas126 2 0 rainbow dash x soarin by sonicxfanjas126 rainbow dash x soarin :iconsonicxfanjas126:sonicxfanjas126 12 12 rainbow dash x soarin by sonicxfanjas126 rainbow dash x soarin :iconsonicxfanjas126:sonicxfanjas126 1 3 baby buritto by sonicxfanjas126 baby buritto :iconsonicxfanjas126:sonicxfanjas126 0 0 cat woman by sonicxfanjas126 cat woman :iconsonicxfanjas126:sonicxfanjas126 0 0 amy rose by sonicxfanjas126 amy rose :iconsonicxfanjas126:sonicxfanjas126 2 5 sonic x season 4 moment by sonicxfanjas126 sonic x season 4 moment :iconsonicxfanjas126:sonicxfanjas126 1 0 human mane 6 kids by sonicxfanjas126 human mane 6 kids :iconsonicxfanjas126:sonicxfanjas126 0 0 human rainbow dash 2 by sonicxfanjas126 human rainbow dash 2 :iconsonicxfanjas126:sonicxfanjas126 1 0 anime rainbow dash by sonicxfanjas126 anime rainbow dash :iconsonicxfanjas126:sonicxfanjas126 1 0 shadow the hedgehog by sonicxfanjas126 shadow the hedgehog :iconsonicxfanjas126:sonicxfanjas126 1 0 chibi anima by sonicxfanjas126 chibi anima :iconsonicxfanjas126:sonicxfanjas126 0 0


SasuNaru by force?? by Midorikawa-eMe111 SasuNaru by force?? :iconmidorikawa-eme111:Midorikawa-eMe111 584 61 GrayxNatsu - Orgasm by Anniih GrayxNatsu - Orgasm :iconanniih:Anniih 264 28 Gratsu by khakki Gratsu :iconkhakki:khakki 298 36
Gratsu week, day 4, cute
Gray sat in the guild enjoying the cold winter weather (and his ice-cream, of course)  as a certain pinkette shot inside.
‘’Why is it so damn cold!’’ the fire mage exclaimed.
‘’What is it Natsu, scared of a bit of snow?’’ Gray’s smirk was audible in his voice. ‘’Shut up, ice bastard.’’
Loke sat next to Gray, studying the ice-cream. ‘’Do you ever stop eating that stuff?’’
‘’Of course not, why would I.’’
Natsu let himself fall on the bench next to Gray, studying the ice-cream like Loke did a few seconds ago. ‘’Cause it’s cold..’’ he murmured.
‘’Last time I checked, you didn’t dislike the cold that much.’’ Gray’s smirk widened as Natsu became bright red, snaking his arm around the boys waist.
As you might have noticed, Gray and Natsu are Fairy Tail’s gay couple.
‘’Please guys,
:iconansjovisjj:ansjovisjj 39 31
Gratsu - Pocky Game (Shounen ai/Boys love)
Gratsu – Pocky
''TAKE THAT'' Erza shouted while hitting Natsu as hard as she could. On his turn, Natsu blocked her attack and tried to hit Gray who was struggling to get a hold of Erza. ''I don't think so!'' he yelled and pushed himself to the side so the pillow hit Erza instead of him.
''They're at it again…'' Lucy sighed. Mira smiled at the sight of the three fighting for their lives, ''they're always like that, aren't they?'' she chuckled.
The other day Erza insisted they would have a sleep over party in the guild. And so it happened that everyone was busy moving their stuff to the guild. Lucy, Mira Jane and Levy were done already. But of course, Natsu, Gray and Erza forgot it all when they saw the three pillows laying there.
The pillow fight group became bigger and bigger. Elfman joined as soon as he saw them fighting (we didn't expect less from him). Gajeel followed quickly just like Loki and Cana. In the end it became one big pillow brawl. Lucy and Levi trying n
:iconansjovisjj:ansjovisjj 185 74
Eternal Flame Wrapped in Ice - Gratsu fanfic
Gratsu Week - Day 6: Propose
Natsu walked to the river where, in the past, he and Gray had fought one another many times. There he saw the silhouette he knew well...his raven-haired lover. Seeing Gray standing there, waiting for him, with his arms folded over his naked chest, made Natsu want to cry. He had to pause on the top of the river bank, looking down at the shore bathed in the crimson glow of sunset, and swallow back his emotions.
They had not been to this location in over a year. Not since, much to the guild's surprise, the two who had been rivals came out as lovers. On that day, it was Gray who said "Let's never call one another to this river again unless we plan to change the relationship we have now."
Natsu took that to mean breaking up. This river represented a past of strife. They were walking hand-in-hand into a future of love.
Or so he thought.
So when that morning, Gray stomped into the guild, marched up to Natsu and yelled, "Hey, flame-brain! You, me,
:iconrhov:Rhov 116 25
Happy in the Snow - Gratsu fanfic
Gratsu Week - Day 2: Rival in Love
"Where the hell is my scarf?"
The enraged roar of the Fire Dragon Slayer was heard all through the guild hall and probably a quarter of Magnolia.
Erza looked up from her cake. "You lost your scarf?" This truly was a first in the history of Fairy Tail.
Lisanna also looked astonished. "But Natsu, you wear that scarf everywhere."
"It got knocked off while I was fighting Elfman. I saw it land on this table," he said, punching the table so hard, it splintered in two. "I had to run to the bathroom, and when I came back it was gone. Where the hell is it?"
Amidst the faces of astonishment, confusion, and annoyance, Natsu saw Lucy looking aside nervously. He bolted over to where she was sitting and looked right into her face, way too close for her comfort.
"Where is it, Lucy?" he asked in a dangerously low tone.
The blonde flushed at his nearness and whimpered meekly. "I don't know where it is, but I saw Wendy pick it up..."
Natsu sig
:iconrhov:Rhov 100 16
Christmas Hair Bow - Gratsu Fanfic
It was Christmas, and Gray had hoped to see Natsu in the guild. Although Gray gave the Dragon Slayer his present on Christmas Eve, Natsu said that Gray's had to wait until the day of Christmas itself. However, he was not in the guild that morning, and Gray wondered if Natsu had completely forgotten and was frantically searching around town for something—anything—to buy as a last-minute present.
When he walked into his house, he saw that the window was left open, and Natsu had sneaked inside. There was no present in his hands, but there was a glittering, butterfly-like bow in his hair.
"What … the…?" The Ice-Make wizard gawked at the decoration clamped into the pink, spiky hair.
"Yeah, so … Merry Christmas," Natsu muttered with a surly grumble and a slight blush to his cheeks, diverting his eyes in embarrassment.
Gray eventually got over his shock and walked in. Oh, seriously! This was too good not to tease him about. He smirked deviously and razzed him, "A
:iconrhov:Rhov 43 5
If I Was Your Bride - Gratsu fanfic
Gratsu Week - Day 8: Wedding
Gray looked at himself in a full-length mirror. Somehow, he managed to get dressed in the tuxedo he had to wear today, but he had never put on a bow tie like this before. He tugged it one way, then another. He knew basically how bow ties looked, and they were definitely not like this.
There was a knock on the door, then a creak as it opened. Gray looked into the mirror to see pink hair peeking in.
"Are you almost ready?" asked Natsu. "People are starting to ask where you are."
Gray dropped his hands to his side. "Maybe I should just forget the stupid tie. It's not like my clothes will stay on long anyway."
"At least stay dressed through the wedding." Natsu walked in, wearing a nice red shirt and black necktie with his muffler wrapped around it. "You're hopeless at dressing yourself."
"I've never had to wear something like this before."
Natsu yanked the messed up bow off and wrapped it around Gray's neck again.
Gray flinched at the tightness
:iconrhov:Rhov 123 48
Natsu's New Year's Birthday - Gratsu fanfic
Gratsu Week - Day 1: Birthday
It was Erza's birthday, and Lucy swore she had never seen a strawberry cake that huge. However, more than just Fairy Tail was there to celebrate. She had friends in many guilds, and Magnolia as a city was proud of their Titania. Out in the street was a festival, and Lucy had seen "Erza" action figures being sold in stores all across town.
"This is amazing," the blonde cried out. "Are all birthdays like this?"
"No," Gray told her, already half naked and ignoring the heart-filled eyes of Juvia. "Laxus doesn't want anyone to celebrate his birthday, and since Gildarts is rarely here, we just have a toast in his honor. Mine was just a normal party. Mira's birthday gets a lot of attention from Sorcerer Magazine, though, and Master's birthday is practically a city holiday."
"That's still amazing. My birthday was totally overlooked, what with the Grand Magic Games. What about Natsu's birthday? He's rather famous, right? Although I can't imagine hi
:iconrhov:Rhov 134 53
Sasunaru by 8malkuthvendetta8 Sasunaru :icon8malkuthvendetta8:8malkuthvendetta8 1,212 115 My Little Humans by ActionKiddy My Little Humans :iconactionkiddy:ActionKiddy 392 94 My little Humans group pic by ActionKiddy My little Humans group pic :iconactionkiddy:ActionKiddy 480 58 Jackie's hairstyles by ActionKiddy Jackie's hairstyles :iconactionkiddy:ActionKiddy 252 144 Supercell Sketch Dump 5 by ActionKiddy Supercell Sketch Dump 5 :iconactionkiddy:ActionKiddy 156 104 The Teen Tools and Super Twins! by ActionKiddy The Teen Tools and Super Twins! :iconactionkiddy:ActionKiddy 122 32



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Hey everyone I would like to thank you for favorites on my work it means a lot to me
Which I will be uploading 3 covers for 3 comics I will be drawing and writing !!!!  You guys made this possible thank you sooooooo much they will be uploaded tomorrow .


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I love video games , comics , cartoons, art , music ,anime, but what I really love is probably the whole tmnt franchise and the batman franchise and every other hero and villain ..


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